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Press Releases

Current News.
S/S France is once again renamed S/S Norway
VCGT buys the S/S Oriana for Carribean Service
S/S Rotterdam returns to VCGT after Globe 365 is sold to the British America Line. M/S Loften is sold to the British America Line as part of deal.
Globe 365 is sold to British America Line by VCGT
Globe 365 is sold to VCGT by Virtual Sailor Ferry Corp.
VCGT Has Sold the S/S Rotterdam to Globe 365 Cruises she will remain an istambul based ship.


VCGT bought M/S Loften for Charter dutys world wide.

VCGT merages with the Big Apple Express to make Virtual Sailor Ferry Corp.
S/S France leaves on maden voyage
S/S Norway Renamed S/S France
S/S Norway arrives at Bremerhaven for retrofit
After much work we have purchesed the S/S Norway from the Breakers at Alang,India

info on merager

We will  work out a schedule and place of mooring so  that  when VCGT cruise ships dock in a certain place in New York. So In an Online Session Big Apple Express small fleets will come alongside and operate a Tender Service.Our members will be given equal benefits so for instance they can work up from light work to big work. We will merge at the top but Branch Out so The Name Changes at the Top To 'Virtual Sailor Ferry Company' but the individual companies retain their names. The ships of Big Apple Express will be painted in VCGT Colors and have our logo on the side

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

Welcome to the Virtual French Line.  We offer Cruises to Europe , The Americas,The Carribean,The Mediterain, and Asia