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These are our Route and Fleet Expantion plans.

Future Ships.
Queen Mary II
Emerald Empress
A possible deal with the city of Long Beach to buy the R.M.S Queen Mary and return her to service is in the works.
Update.Sadly the City of Long Beach has refused our offer on the Queen Mary and she will not sail for VCGT. The resons that the offer was rejected was due to it was below scrapvalue for the ship we offered only 5 Million EUR due to she needed about 500 Million EUR worth of work for her to meet Solas regs. Rebuilding of her engine room and the rebuilding of critical bulkheads that all were removed when she became a hotel. All at VCGT wish that she could of been bought by our company but it was totally unfesable at her full asking price. Sadly her future is very uncertin,but  if she is sold for scrap we will buy her and and lay her up to keep her away from the scrapyards!!!

Future Routes
Extensive routes in the Mediterranean.

Welcome to the Virtual French Line.  We offer Cruises to Europe , The Americas,The Carribean,The Mediterain, and Asia