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We have four ships the S/S Norway, and, Niew Amsterdam,S/S Rotterdam,S/S Oriana.

The S/S Norway


Built at Penhoet, St. Nazaire as FRANCE
Yard #G19
66,348 GRT
1,035 x 110.5 feet
Quadruple Screw, geared CEM-Parsons geared turbines from builders
31, max 35.21 knots
160,000 shaft horsepower
407 First Class, 1,637 Tourist Class passengers

When the SS FRANCE was launched by Madame Charles De Gaulle on May 11 1960, the great era of transatlantic steamship travel was in its twilight years. Replacing two legendary prewar veterans, the stylish ILE DE FRANCE and the much loved LIBERTE, the FRANCE had the distinction of being the longest liner in the world. Her graceful hull was a modified version of the NORMANDIE's, with a similarly arced "whale back" bow (but with an updated stern), however the FRANCE was perhaps most distinguished by her two unusual funnels, which dispensed exhaust through wings on either side (This feature was quite revolutionary for the day, inspiring a line of much-sought-after ashtrays that incorporated the same principal!).

The the Flag ship of our line is The S/S Norway.  With impecible service and experened crew the S/S Norway is the best ship in our fleet


The S/S Rotterdam


Built:                                1959 - Rotterdam Dry Dock Co.

Tonnage:                          38,675 GRT (gross registered tonnes)

Length:                            749ft – 228.2m)

Beam:                              93.6.ft (28.7m)

Draught:                           29.8ft

Engines:                           D.R. De Schelde geared turbines – 38.500 SHP

Screws:                            Two

Service speed:                   21.5 knots.

Passenger Decks:               Ten

Passengers:                      Adjustable – 580 / 301 first class

                                      Adjustable – 789 / 1,060 tourist class

                                      Cruising: 730 one class. Later - 1969: 1499 – 1977: 1114

Crew:                               776

Cargo:                              Dry cargo 102,000 cu. ft. Refrigerated cargo 14,000 cu. Ft

S/S Oriana
Tonnage: 41,910 gross tons
Length: 245.1 m
Beam: 30.5 m
Power: 80,000 horsepower
Propulsion: Two sets of Pametrada steam turbines each consisting of a high pressure, intermediate pressure and low pressure turbine; double reduction gearing; twin screw
Auxiliary Power: Four auxiliary steam turbines, each driving a 1,750 kW, 220 V DC Generator
Speed: Trials: 30.64 knots
Service: 27.5 knots
Complement: Liner: 2,000 passengers, 980 officers and crew
Cruising: 1,750 passengers, 780 officers and crew



To this day SS Nieuw Amsterdam is still regarded as one of the most beautiful ships to be built. With her stunning silhouette she was a well balanced ship. Her elegant lines were highlighted with her black hull, as well as her two perfectly proportioned funnels and two tall masts. At the time, she was also the largest Dutch ship to be built.

Originally she was to be named Prinsendam, however during construction, Holland America Line (HAL) decided to name their new flagship Nieuw Amsterdam, in honour the settlement of the Dutch in Nieuw Amsterdam, today’s City of New York. Nieuw Amsterdam was also given the honour of being the Dutch “Ship of State, Sadly the Nieuw Amsterdnm was scrapped in 1974. Today though the New French Line has built SS Nieuw Amsterdam II and spent almost 1 Billion EUR doing it she is our First New build and has stated sailing the New York to Bermuda route.

Built by:   Rotterdam Dry-dock Company, The Netherlands

Yard No:   200


Launched:   April 10, 1937


Tonnage:   36,287 GRT (Gross Registered-Tons)

Length:   758ft - 231.2m


Beam:   87.9ft – 26.8m


Draught:   31.6ft


Screws:   Twin


Service speed:   20.5 – Max 22.8


Passenger decks:   11 - accessible by lifts


Passengers   1100


Crew:   694


fully air-conditioned






Welcome to the Virtual French Line.  We offer Cruises to Europe , The Americas,The Carribean,The Mediterain, and Asia